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Friday, 1 July 2016

My News

Good afternoon to you all,

Well, for those of you that don't know, I can finally reveal my news now ...

As many of you know, I have worked in primary school for a long time now, and although my job has been challenging at times, I absolutely love working with the children.

But, I had a bit of a bombshell dropped on me at the end of May that literally knocked me sideways. At a meeting just before the half term break in May our Headteacher announced that she was planning to re-structure the staff in September and had to lose one of her support staff. As there are three Higher Level Teaching Assistants at the school, they had decided to reduce to just two posts in September. And what job do I do - yep, a HLTA!

At the time I went into a flat spin, literally driving home in tears - but after much careful thought and consideration, I decided that it was time for me to go and I have taken the voluntary redundancy package they had on offer. So as from September, I will be unemployed - now that's a scary thought!

It was a very emotional day yesterday, my last day at school, but I finished at 3.30pm for the very last time, leaving with so many memories - lots of them good (and a few bad ones too). I was bombarded with cards and prezzies and flowers and so many good wishes (and lots of hugs from the children too). So I can't be sad, but only time will tell whether I made the right decision.

I'm not sure what the next chapter includes, but for the time being I am going to spend some time at home after the horrible year we've had here, which began last June with my hubby being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (he has had to take medical retirement) and finishing with losing my mum earlier this year. There have been lots of other things in between too, which have just added up to a really bad year. I'm now working on the principle that 'things can only get better', but without a pay check every month I think we will have to tighten our belts a little!

I have lots of ideas that I want to pursue, but first I need to get my head in order and figure out what is the best route to follow. I am hoping that my crafting will play a big role in my future and I am looking at ways to expand my horizons whilst incorporating my addiction (sorry, hobby)!

But until then, I have a 'To Do' list as long as my arm that needs some attention (all those jobs I was too tired to do while I was working!) So as they say, it's 'onwards and forwards' for me - who knows what the future will hold (but I am secretly hoping it has some good things to offer).

Big hugz, Jan xx


  1. Wow Jan. That is indeed a bomb shell and a terrible thing to happen just before the holidays. I think you are very brave to take this leap into the unknown but I am sure it will work out perfectly. Sometimes difficult times result in us making these life changing decisions, which although scary can also be very rewarding.
    I wish you all the very best in whatever you choose to so with your future which I am sure will be crafting related.
    Big hugs

    1. Thank you, Lesley - it's definitely a bit scary!

      I don't think it has sunk in properly yet - will be when everyone goes back in September, I think. Just feels as if I've broken up for the summer at the moment (not that it remotely resembles summer here - it's been raining most of the day!)

      Hugz, Jan xx

  2. I saw on FB that you had finished work but not how it had happened, I bet it was a real bombshell. When I finished it was enforced, after a period on long term sick. I was dismissed after a meeting of the governors, constructive dismissal. It wasn't something that I hadn't anticipated, I could not go back to my job due to ME but it wasn't a good way to go.
    So I can see how hard it is for you at the moment but I can assure you that I really don't miss all the hassle of meetings, OFSTED, report writing, objectionable parents an incompetent deputy etc.
    Have a real break from the stress then reevaluate. Crafting certainly worked for me. All the best. x

    1. Thankx, Jules - I certainly don't think I will miss all the stress that came with the job, even at my level. I am looking forward to trying something new, hopefully involving my crafting :) xx

  3. Hi Jan what a horrible thing to happen. I do feel for you. I also wish you all the best for the future. My friends who have retired from school do say that the first September is strange. Maybe being away at that time might help. If there is anything I can do just let me know. For now have a good rest you deserve it. Take care. Hugs Jackie

    1. Thankx, hun - I'm not sure we can afford to go away, but what fun being allowed to go in term time! Lol. I am hoping to have much more time to devote to my crafting now - I have all sorts of ideas buzzing around my head, just have to sort them out! xx

  4. Hi Jan, so sorry to hear what a rotten time you have had, culminating in this.
    I took early retirement from my job with the Pension Service in 2008 when the work was taken over by Glasgow, and after 9 months decided to join Stampin Up as a Demonstrator. I was fortunate enough to have a Civil Service pension, which does take the pressure off I know, but lots of friends now earn a steady income from being a Stampin Up Demo and enjoy the luxury of having the job they always dreamed of!! Don't know whether you have considered it, but thought I would mention it as something you might like to think about. Meantime, do take care and remember when one door closes another one opens!
    Lots of love and good wishes winging their way to you
    Kate xx

    1. Thank you, Kate - I'm a great believer in fate and things happening for a reason, so I'm hoping something comes my way in the not too distant future.

      I have thought about Stampin' Up, and haven't crossed it off my list - but for the moment I just want a few months off over the summer (if we get one) to rest and sort myself out.

      Thanks for your good wishes,
      Hugz, Jan xx


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